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Why VersionBackup?
Aren’t there enough other backup programs?

Right! The other backup programs, they are enough. And in principle, they are all the same.
But that doesn’t mean that they are really good.

And VersionBackup? You mean this is better?
Why that?

The common backup copy programs, no matter, which one you will take, they create backup copies from your files. But that’s all.
VersionBackup however is a Backup Archive Manager.
It manages your existing backup stock. This keeps the whole development of each work on your computer ready for recovery. Not only the latest state.

What? Explain me that, please.

Well, what happens, if you run common backup software?

It will create backup copies for you. Regularly and automatically.
You configured a backup range. A directory on a special disk, maybe.
To this directory, the files have been copied the day before yesterday. They have been copied there, yesterday. And also today, the files will be copied to this place.

That’s o.k., isn’t it?

But, where are the files from the day before yesterday?

In the backup directory, of course.

They aren’t!
They have been overwritten with the versions from yesterday. And those from yesterday, they will be overwritten with the ones from today. Then they are gone, too.

Really? I think, I didn’t realize this in detail.
But I could change my backup directory to another location each day. 
This would create daily versions.

You could do this. But do you think you really will? Regularly, every day?

No, you’re right. I would do this at last three days, no longer.

That’s it! And if you change your backup region by hand to keep the present version, you do almost everything by yourself.
Then you would not need any backup software at all, o.k.?

But I want to get my backups automatically.

Well. That’s done by VersionBackup.
It does not overwrite existing data when it copies a file again. It takes care not only of creating the copies but it also maintains the backup archive.
Every day, when there are changed files, a new version of those files will be created. And the old versions, they will stay in the backup archive.

Isn’t this terribly complicated? This tangled mass of files versions every day!
I don’t believe, that I’ll be able to find anything, if I need a recovery.

You will.
VersionBackup displays all backup versions in a special Browser.
It’s just like the Explorer. It shows the directory path on the left hand side and in a second list the file names. But there is a third list with every version date, which is available for the selected files. Click on one of those dates and you get a recovery exactly from this day.
This is really easy, isn’t it?

You mean, I get an Explorer like view, but not only about the present state of my files but also about all former states?

Exactly. The whole past is handy available.

This is genius!
But how many Terabytes of storage space will I need to keep each intermediate file version?

It’s not that bad.
Only those files are stored, which have been changed by you. Their volume is not so big.

And nothing will be deleted forever?

O.k., the very old data, they should be removed. You configure this in VersionBackup. For instance, how many different versions shall be kept. The older ones will be deleted.


Automatically. You need not care about this.
But it’s better to create external archive copies before the deletion.
Copy the old stuff to an USB drive or a DVD. You’ll put them into the cupoard, and that’s it.

But when I need something from such a disk, I will search forever.

VersionBackup manages even the content of its archive media. It displays the versions on the external disks together with the internally stored ones. If you want to recover something, you have to connect that disk, of course.
But this will happen only seldom, if you need something very old. And VersionBackup will instruct you, which disk is required.

Sounds good.
And if the files are copied to the USB disk, they are not only on my computer’s hard disk. Of course, this could break. Or if I finally should experience a virus disturbing all and everything which it can reach.

Exactly. Data are safe only if they’re stored on an additional, independent media.
So, it’s more important to have the software assistance of VersionBackup to find your distributed data, if you need them.

Talking of distributed data: Did’n you hear of anything of Online Backups? You could store the backups anywhere in the Internet.
Wouldn’t it be better using one of these Online Backup Systems?

Sure! Why not save the data anywhere on the other side of the world?
Do it with VersionBackup! It creates even Online Backups.
But it’s the same: other Online Backup Systems just copy the backups out to the Internet. VersionBackup even manages them, displays the old versions, deletes backups after the configured time. And it fetches the files automatically if you need them back.
It’s even possible burning the data from the Internet directly to a DVD. Do you know any other software doing this?

Well, this seems to be good.
But tell me: I cannot believe that this VersionBackup is the only software in the world, providing this functionality.

Of course not.
The big main frames are using gigantic software systems for data managing. The issue is important enough. But for these, they pay more than $10.000 per license.

More than 10.000 Dollars? And VersionBackup, what does it cost?

Nothing unusual: I got it for 99 $ per license. And before this, you may test it for 30 days without any cost.

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