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Please set field “My old software issue” to the release version, which is displayed on your VersionBackup dialog page “Overview” in the upper right corner. Then, the table below will show the improvements compared to this, provided by the up-to-date software.

My old software issue


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13 changes of totally 169:

Release of 2010-01-24

It is possible defining repeated copy runs with one scheduling entry (e.g.: >every xx hours<).

Recovery: If there are several backup issues from the day, a dialog to select the clock time will be displayed.

Release of 2008-11-05

VersionBackup Goblin: a mobile Recovery System on the USB Stick

USB drives will be identified independently from their Drive Character

If different USB Stickes will be connected, VersionBackup will copy only to the configured ones

Activating a USB drive can be configures as copy start reason (for Primary Backups or Archiving)

If an USB drive is not ready at the scheduled moment, the copy run will be restarted at next plug in

Several file versions per day can be stored separately

Easy configuration mode: the Full Backup and Delete Parameters can be set automatically from easy to set target values

New Delete Reason: >if there is less than x MB free space on the disk<

New Keep Reason: >keep the files to be able to recover at least x days<

New Keep Reason: >keep at least x copies from each file (not older than y days)<

More easy storage confiruration by more intelligent delete automatic

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